Mcx Commodity Trading News

Mcx Commodity Trading News

Mcx Commodity Trading News- Crude Oil Prices Falls Because Fear of Corona Virus Second wave.

Oil price fell on Fear news of Corona Virus Second wave will Impact very Badly.

On Crude oil Supply , Saudi Told OPEC+ Countries to Reduce Outout to restore the Balance to global Crude oil market.

Organization of the Petroleum Export Countries (OPEC) and other producers such as Russia – a group known as OPEC+ – agreed to cut output by 9.7 million barrels per day (bpd) in May and June, a record reduction, in response to a 30% fall in global fuel demand.

WTI Crude oil Currently Trading at 25.56$ ,1 % Down.

Brent Crude oil Currently Trading at 29.49$ ,1.5% Down.

Mcx Crude oil Currently Trading at 1924 , 1.25% Down.

Gold Opens Lower

For Gold Mcx Commodity Trading News- Comex Gold trading at 1705 $ per Ounce as its purely in Range Bond.

Gold Mcx Currently Trading at 45524, Nearly 100 points Down as Doller Weeken.

Mcx Gold Is not Sustaining above 46000 ,it may test 44000/42000 in Upcoming Trading sessions.

Indian Gold Rate Today

Mcx Commodity Trading News

Gold Rate for 22 carret Gold is 43025 per 10 Grams.

Gold Rate For 24 Carret Gold is 47180 per 10 Grams.

Indian Stocks update

Indian Stocks Opens higher today because of PM Modi Announces 10 lakhs corer package .

Sensex Opens at 32244 and almost 1200 points up.

Nifty opens above 9500 and almost 300 points up.

Bank nifty is trading Near 20000, almost 1100 points up.


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