Latest Commodity News

latest commodity news

Latest Commodity News Crude oil Movement is Mix Because fear of Second Corona Virus Wave.

WTI Crude oil Surged almost 9% & brent Crude rose almost 6% in Yesterday’s session.

Almost 36 Million Americans Lost there jobs in 6 weeks , jobless data claims.

Crude oil Prices can see sharp falls if 2nd wave Corona virus Has More effecive Impact.

OPEC said on wednesday that Global Oil Demand to shrink by almost 9 million Bpd in 2020.

WTI Crude Oil Trading at 27.60$ .

Brent Crude Trading at 31.40$.

Mcx Crude Oil will Open near 2080 .

Latest Commodity News – Gold Prices are Trading at 1742 $ per Ounce Because of another 3 million jobs lost by Americans this week.

Gold is trying to break the strongest Resistance near 1760 and will touch easily 1800 $ per ounce in near term.

USA President Trump Statements for All relations ties will be cut with China Will be Very Positive Impact on Gold Prices.

Mcx Gold Prices climbed yesterday near 46700 & closed at 46600.

Gold Rate Today.

Gold 22 carret rate is 43250/10 gm.

Gold 24 Carret rate is 47390/10 gm.

USD/INR is at 75.50.

Stock Markets May open Positve Today.

Various Packages are being Declared by the indian Govt .

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