Commodity top news

commodity top news

Commodity top news – Crude Oil Prices up Because of Saudi Arabia Increses the Prices But No production Cut.

Nymex oil Roses 1.40 % And Currently Trading at 23.88$.

Brent oil Up by 1.06% And Currently Trading at 29.77$ Below 30$.

Thursday the prices gone upside very strongly in Asian session and in Usa session its fallen.

Today Crude oil Prices are strong upside opening in early Asian Trades but Productions is as usual in the world.

Saudi Arabia Increses the prices of Black oil but no any decision on Prodution cut.

Mcx Crude oil Opens flat today and currently Trading at 1810.

Yesterday Crude oil made high above 2000 but not sustained the prices.

Crude oil Prices are very Volatile Due to various Global sentiments, we advice to trade with strict Stoploss.

Commodity top news – Gold Prices again Gone Above 1700$ very strongly yesterday.

Gold rate

Commodity Top News – Gold prices gone above 1700$ and was trading above 1720$ today also.

Due to Usa Economic data trumbles & doller Dipped,Gold Prices sores.

Millions for the first time continued to unemployment in USA each Week.

Comex Gold Currently Trading at 1726.55$ which is very strong Today.

Mcx Gold Trading above 46000, current rate is 46025.

Indian Market Gold prices is at 44700/10 grams today.

Hallmarked Gold Rate vs Normal Gold rate

1) There is no difference in gold prices in Normal & hallmarked.

2) You are ensured of purity through hallmarking.

3) You have to take the precious metal to the essaying centres

4) Not many essaying centres are available in the market.

5) Some have advocated a stringent quality practice that has to established at the testing centres.

6) Still some way to reach the town and smaller cities.

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