Commodity news live

commodity news live

Commodity news live- Crude oil

Crude oil Prices Opens Up because Saudi Keep Promising to Production cut & Keeping low Supply to Asian Countries.

The Saudi Aramco Cuts the contractual Volumes for atleast Seven asian Countries.

Saudi Keeping the Promise which has Given to OPEC+ Meeting to cut the Production of one lakh Barrels per day.

It also followed a move by fellow OPEC member Iraq to curb supplies to Asia.

Aramco’s allocation announcement came later than usual this month following a delay in releasing its official selling prices.

USA Weekly Inventory Reports also Came as production down as a result a good spike seen yesterday in crude prices.

WTI Crude Currently Trading at 25.48$ almost 0.80% Up.

Brent Crude Currently Trading at 29.26$, 0.20 % Up.

Mcx Crude oil Currently Trading at 1925.

Commodity news live- Gold

Comex Gold is Trading above 1720 $ per Ounce.

Gold May touch 1750/1780 $ due to very stong above 1720 $.

Yesterday Gold give a Huge spike From 1700 to 1725 $.

Mcx Gold Currently Trading above 46000.

If You are Trading in Mcx Gold always Trade safe have Strict stoploss for every trade what u trade.

Indian Gold Rate for today.

Gold Rate for 22 Carret is 43260 .

Gold Rate for 24 Carret is 47400.

Indian Indices today Opening.

Sensex 31400, Almost 2% Down.

Nifty 9226, almost 1.65% Down.

Bank Nifty 19255 , almost 2% Down.

USD/INR Opens Gap up and trading at 75.537.

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