Crude Oil Down today,Gold Up ,Trading above 1715$.

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Commodity Hindi News- Crude Oil Down as USA can Trade Sanctions on China.

On Thursday Crude Oil prices Where in Good Upside Momentum, Friday and its last week day Its down because of various Global news across Globe.

USA -CHINA Tension after China’s National People passed a Draft decision  to intact National Security Law against Hongkong.

US President Will do Press conference Today & unviel his response Regarding China’s decision.

Action can take by USA is Trade sanctions against China, which Can Impact the Crude Oil demand.

The American Energy information administration announced the Weekly Report and it was surprising Build around 7.5 million Barrels for the week.

WTI Crude Oil Trading at 33.22$.

Brent Crude Oil Trading at 35.71$.

Mcx Crude Oil Trading at 2520.

Commodity Hindi News-Gold Trading at 1718 $ per Ounce Today.

Gold is in Bullish and well Trading above 1700$ , May touch 1800$ in few days.

Buy every Deep is the best strategy.

Mcx Gold Trading at 46550 .

Market will be Having Huge Impact of USA CHINA Trade war in coming sessions and expected Upside .

Gold Rate Today

22 Carat Gold rate 45900 per 10 gm.

24 Carat Gold rate 46900 per 10 gm.

Today Trends For Crude Oil & Gold

Crude oil above 2714 bullish and may touch 2800/2850 today & Below 2449 its Bearish and may touch 2350/2300.

Mcx Gold above 46811 bullish and may touch 47100/47400 & below 45999 may touch 45300/45000.

For any Query or any Holding positions in Mcx Crude & Gold can Call or whatsapp to 08050795677.

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