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Crude, Zinc, Nickel, Lead, Gas, Gold, Silver Support & Resistance

Crude Oil Falls as Corona Virus 2nd wave,Gold Down at 1730$.
Best Website for Commodity News- Crude Oil Falls as Covid 19 2nd wave Impact all over world. Crude Oil Output
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Crude Oil Trading above 40$,Gold Above 1760$ as Fears from Virus case increasing.
Comex Live- Crude Oil opens Down after giving Gains in Earlier Trade in asain markets. China, one of the world’s
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Commodity Fundamental News- Crude oil Falls Because of Low Demand,meanwhile Hongkong tension rises. Oil Prices Falls on wednesday as Fuel
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Crude Oil in Red as Corona virus fears offset gasoline recovery signs,Gold in red After making record highs after 8
Commodity Hindi- Crude Oil prices drifted lower on Thursday as concerns about renewed COVID-19 lockdowns in the United States outweighed
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Crude Oil Down today,Gold Up ,Trading above 1715$.
Commodity Hindi News- Crude Oil Down as USA can Trade Sanctions on China. On Thursday Crude Oil prices Where in
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Commodity in news: Crude oil Prices May go down again.
Commodity in news Commodity in news,Peru is world number  2 copper producing country looks to rebound from the impact of the coronavirus
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