Dow jones futures live

dow jones futures live

Todays Live Market of Usa Trading Stocks and latest news about the Markets.

Dowzones Futures live Opens in Green around 300 plus, because of Economic Reopening.

Market opens in Green as expectation of Economy Reopening from last april months jobs cut. Dismal Reports.

The report shows a record 20 millions jobs cut in april months report due to CORONA VIRUS IMPACT.

Fourth quaters continued by usa and Crude oil prices up by 4%.

Usa Market almost Down from the month of February & March,From the lows its Baunces Sharply.

S&P 50 up by 1% , Dowzones industrial up by 1.20% & Nasdaq Composite up by 0.5%.

Investors are Positve on Us Econmic reopening & tenses Between US & CHINA are eased For trade war.

USA Crude oil Rised almost 6% Due to Saudi Arabia Increased prices for the crude oil.

Dowzones futures live Currently Trading at 24179 .

S & P Currently Trading at 2915.

Nasdaq Currently Trading at 9178.

Majority of Bigger Stocks are in Green today.

The PayPal surges 14% to an all-time high after reporting record day of transactions that surpassed last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday (PYPL).

On the other Hand Markets having Positive sentiments towards the Usa Economy after Falling its Baunces back from the lower levels.

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