Commodity news india

commodity news india

Commodity news india – Gold Up Due to 2nd Wave On CORONA VIRUS .

Comex Gold Currently Trading at 1704.20$ Per Ounce.

Various Part of the world such as South Korea reported again double digit cases in last 2 days as there where no cases from many days.

Wuhan in China reported again Increase in cases in past 2-3 days, which declared as emergency.

Gold Prices are strong now and Stocks are down which usually moves opposite to Gold.

The U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell is expected to deliver an address on Wednesday, which investors will be closely watching. 

Mcx Gold currently Trading at 45925 .

Gold Rate today

Gold Price for today 43025 for 22 Carret .

47180 For 24 Carret Gold.

Crude Prices up as fear of 2nd Corona virus wave.

Commodity news india

Commodity news india- Crude oil Prices are up today.

WTI Crude is currently Trading at 24.24 $.

Brent Crude is Currently Trading at 29.71 $.

Mcx Crude Oil is Currently Trading at 1859.

Oil prices climbed following an unexpected commitment from Saudi Arabia to deepen production cuts in June.

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday he opposed renegotiating the U.S.-China “Phase 1” trade deal while Australian media reported that China has suspended imports from four abattoirs in an escalation of tensions.

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