Crude Oil Flat,Gold Down Today.

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Commodity Latest News- Crude oil Flat Because there is uncertainty in OPEC Meeting this Month.

If there will be No OPEC meeting this Month then Crude oil can Fall Below 30$.

Prices are Stable above 35$ and its 6th week to have prices in green due to Majority of Countries economy recovering which was affected by COVID 19.

Some of the OPEC+ Countries where Failed to Cut the Production in this month.

But Russia and Saudi Arabia, two of the biggest global oil producers, are leading the movement to extend the cuts.

OPEC could still hold a ministerial video conference on Saturday or Sunday should adherence to the cuts improve.

WTI Crude oil Trading at 37.34$.

Brent Crude oil Trading at 40.05$

Mcx Crude oil will open at 2820.

Commodity Latest News- Gold Currently Trading at 1714$ per Ounce.

Yesterday Gold gone above 1720$ per Ounce because of USA Jobless claims data which came 2 million Mark .

Due to Global pandemic economy is very slow to grow and still its easy to get economy on track it will take time.

Today Nonfarm payrolls will provide greater clarity as to how much damage occurred in the labor market last month.

In Mcx Gold yesterday was done highs near 46700 after falling below 46000.

Mcx Gold opens Near 46360.

Gold Rate Today

22 Carat Gold Rate at 43550 per 10 gm.

24 Carat Gold Rate at 47510 per 10 gm.

Today ‘s Trend For Crude oil & Gold

Crude oil above 2914 bullish and may touch 3000/3100 today & Below 2719 its Bearish and may touch 2650/2550.

Mcx Gold above 47267 bullish and may touch 47500/47800 & below 46188 may touch 45900/45700.

For any Query or any Holding positions in Mcx Crude & Gold can Call or whatsapp to 08050795677.

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